Blessing Station


Take turns to have someone or some others pray the words of a special Easter blessing for you at this station. And if you would like, have a turn praying this blessing for someone else.


God of the cross, in the name of Jesus, we bless [Name]

May God’s mercy and grace flow towards you

And His crucifixion cleansing do its work

May you know the deep forgiveness

And the wonder of release from sin and shame

May Emmanuel, God With Us, draw you close as a beloved one

God of the empty tomb, we ask for resurrection blessing

[Name], may you be astonished with His goodness

And His redeeming work be released in and around you

May you have renewal where it’s needed

And may resurrection power fill and flow from you

May God unfold His purposes and promises, and cover you with protection

As He evermore unites your heart with his love


As we remember and walk through Easter, we want the process of Easter to keep eastering in us, to keep releasing us from sin and the world, to keep renewing and replenishing our faith, hope, love, joy and peace, to keep releasing us into greater alignment with God’s purposes for us individually and collectively.


Movement 1: Crucifixion

Movement 2: Resurrection