Story Station


Gather around to listen and to take turns to read out loud (only if you want to!) a section of the story of Jesus’ birth.

Based on the Jesus Storybook Bible, this paraphrase and creative telling of the biblical account of Jesus being born is designed to be enjoyed by all ages.

Kids are welcome to read too. You can stay and listen to as much or as little as you like.


We may be very familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth or it may be quite new. Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate just how amazing this story really is. By hearing different people from this community each read a part of the story and by taking your own turn to read some aloud, we can experience the story in community.

We are all unique and we all bring our unique selves to the reading and listening of this story. But the transforming power of the story of Christmas is available to each of us.

We get to tell the gospel, this story of good news, to each other – to speak and proclaim how true and great it is. In doing this, we keep alive this story that has been passed down through generation to generation of our faith. We take our places in the chain of believers through history and throughout the world who find hope and purpose in the story of Jesus.