Give 1 Get 1 Blessing Station


At this station you can receive two beautifully hand baked and decorated gingerbread cookies.

One is for you to eat – enjoy this delicious taste Christmas!

The second one is wrapped and ready for you to give away as a blessing to someone else.


May God gift you with hope

So that you are a light-carrier

May God release peace in you

To hold you steady, faithful and whole

May God make joy overflow in you

So that through everything you may be strong-hearted

May God fill you and surround you with love,

To anchor you in him and be your sure foundation

May the Light of the World

Abundantly and radiantly dwell in you

This day, this Christmas, and from now on

The power to bless is one that each of us has. Our words and our actions can bring blessing to others. And Christmas is a great time to try that out.

Think of a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague who you’d like to bless and take the cookie away to pass on to them.

We’d also love to bless you with the words of the blessing below. Pray these words over yourself and your loved ones, and we pray the release of God’s goodness over you.