Prayer Line Station


Write out any prayer needs for yourself or someone you know. Peg each piece of paper to a line.

Perhaps someone is sick and in need of healing. Perhaps people have needs or problems that are hard. Perhaps your hoping for a difficult situation to be turned around. Perhaps you’d love someone to find the light and love of Jesus. Whatever it is, feel free to write out up (in whatever way you feel comfortable to).

As you stand before the line, pray over the requests that are pegged there and that will be pegged there.


Prayer is an ever growing part of who we are as a community and we love to lift each other’s needs up to God in prayer. We know that God inclines his ear towards us as we do this, especially when we do it together.

We can bring what is close to our hearts and mind before God, knowing that he cares for us.

As you pray over the cards pegged up, ask that God would move his hand to intervene in each situation, that he would bring his light and love, that God’s goodness would break through the darkness.